Hot Chocolate 3 Ways
Good morning and Seasons Greetings! How are you spending Sunday morning? If you’re anything like me, you’d be in the kitchen preparing something warm and delicious and today I chose to prepare and share with you, 3 variations of hot chocolate! Are you a chocolate lover? Well I kinda, sorta am because although I
Rosemary Hair Rinse
Since being introduced to the world of better health and wellness practices and learning that I can have a hand in what I put into my hair and unto my skin; I have been a fan of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. Most if not all of said projects involve natural hair and skin beauty. So, it is no surprise then that when I d
Fruit Infused Water
Hey everyone.. Good morning! Very quickly I show you today one of the ways that I like to jazz up my water. It’s quite simple; I just add fruits. For your information, I am a camel.. No well, I just love water but after discovering detox water methods almost two years ago, drinking water became ten times more excitin
Pumpkin Spice.. So nice..
Hi there! Happy Wednesday and I hope you are all keeping well! Gloriously orange, rich in fibre and vitamin A and loaded with antioxidants; pumpkins are super nourishing, seemingly multi functional and a perfect ingredient for our quick and easy smoothies. From coffee houses to pastry shops, pumpkins dominate during this t
3 Smoothies 3 Days
We’re at another weekend and it came so quickly, it’s ridiculous but I’m excited! What say you? If you’ve been following me since the inception of this blog, you’d know very well that I love to make smoothies. In fact, I love to make ‘stuff’ in general. So, in keeping with the trad